Stile+Grace is a unique sip+shop experience. A boutique offering on trend closet staples perfect for mixing and matching. A wine bar that offers wines strictly by Scotto Cellars. Combine these two and you have the perfect combination! 

The name Stile+Grace has a fun and unique story all on it's own. Stile is the word "Style" spelt in Italian. Which owner Bianca is half Italian on her her Fathers side. The word "Grace" is owner Bianca's middle name and mothers name. A name that means so much.

Fashion + Wine is a special combination to owner Bianca. Bianca graduated the LA Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with her AA in Visual Communications and her BA in Digital Media Marketing. Fashion and creativity is how owner B thrives! Bianca's family are 5th generation winemakers and are the creators of Scotto Cellars. Stile+Grace combines owner B's two worlds into this fun and innovative shopping experience!